Thousands of Pastors in Cuba have had NO Biblical training.

Train a pastor today! Our goal at Bott Radio Network is to train 300 by Christmas Eve.

Your gift will train ONE Cuban Pastor.
Your Gift will train FOUR Cuban Pastors per year.


Sound Biblical Training for the Untrained Pastor

Dr. Woodrow Kroll has taught the Bible for over 50 years. Now that Bible teaching experience is being delivered to pastors who have absolutely no training in the Bible or theology, and are struggling to minister to their people. Many of these pastors cannot even read. That’s where the Helios Projects has come in.


Delivered on Two Life-Changing Devices

Helios Solar can be used anywhere and never needs electricity. Helios Flash plugs into a computer, and doesn't require wifi or internet. Both of these devices deliver theological training in 200 sessions to desperate untrained pastors.


Sent to Pastors Who Have No Formal Biblical Training

Currently there are over 2,000,000 pastors over churches around the world who have never received any Bible training. There are thousands in Cuba. We have the goal with WDAC listeners to help 350 pastors in Cuba who are waiting desperately for this training.

Meet Woodrow Kroll...

"The most serious need of churches in economically-challenged countries is the need to train their untrained pastors." Woodrow Kroll
Woodrow Kroll served as President and Senior Bible Teacher of the international radio ministry Back to the Bible for 23 years. He was heard by millions daily on more than 1250 radio stations in the United States and almost anywhere the English language is spoken in the world. Author of more than 50 books, today he serves as President of Woodrow Kroll Ministries. He has traveled to all 7 continents and 112 countries and everywhere he's gone, he's met untrained pastors. Pastors willing to serve, but who could not afford any formal training. In 2013 God led Wood to take his 50 years of experience and record 200 sessions teaching all the major doctrines in the Bible. He began providing this teaching on our Helios devices to isolated, untrained pastors who had no hope of getting formal Bible training any other way.

Train 1 Pastor

Train 4 Pastors